Modern Canal Pin/Pendant

XO Circle Pendant/2X Rec Necklace

PS Square Pin Pendant

Two Square Drop Ear/One Square Drop Ear/4 Square Necklace

Two Dot Square Earring

Tulip Earring

Trellis Pin

Think Spring! Necklace

Squig Earring

Small Teardrop/Teardrop Earring

San Fran Earring

S Flower Pin

RZ Reed Pin

Red Turquoise Window Necklace

Rec Crystal Necklace

Pinwheel Necklace

Mosaic Square Necklace

Mosaic Carved Rec Necklace

Modern Rec Brooch

Modern Eye Necklace

MF Two-Part Carved Rec Necklace

M.A.C Rec Necklace

M.A.C Necklace

LPTP Earring/PTP Earring

Leaf Earring

Happy Flower 3 Pin

Happy Flower 2 Pin

Happy Flower 1 Pin

Half Modern Eye Necklace

Four Square+ Ear/Two Rec Ear/6 Square Circle Necklace

Dot Bar Dot Earring



Clover Necklace

Circle Pin Pendants

Carved Square Pendant

Carved Square Earring

Carved Rec Necklace

4 Bar Necklace

3 Square Rec Necklace

3 Flower Pin

3 Flower Leaf Pin

3 Fan Pin

Two Fan Necklace

Four Leaf Clover Pendant

Carved Rose Necklace & Earring

Single Vein Leaf Necklace

Rectangle Necklace/Nina Earring

Teardrop Necklace or Earring

PTP Earring

Bar Pins

Meg Pearl Necklace

Happy Flower #1 Pin

Four Bar Necklace

Two Dot Circle Earring

Carved Robin Necklace/Chinese Earring

Cushion Cufflink

Square Canal Red Flower Pin/Pendant

Long Rectangle Flower Necklace

Nina Earring Red Flower

Leaf Earring

Chris Earring

Square Top Tri Earring

New Pearl Earring

Dot Bar Dot Earring

Clover Circle Pin/Pendant

Dot Square Earring

Two Bar Canal Square Pin/Pendant

Circle/Square/Rectangle Necklace

Carved Square Pin/Pendant

Carved Tri Earring , Carved Bar Tri Earring

Mixed Metal Rings

Rectangle Earring

Chris Necklace Square/Circle

CH Leaf Square Necklace

XO Rectangle Pendant

Round Pearl Neckalce

RZ Modern Rec Necklace

Carved Rose Pin/Pendant

Two Dot Flower Necklace

Pinwheel Necklace

Three Circle Rectangular Necklace

Small Two Dot Earring

Chinese Necklace and Earring

Dot Bar Dot Earring Post

Three Circle Square Necklace

Chris Square Out Earring

Dot Bar Earring

Two Square Flower Earring

Sunflower and Pineapple Flower Bar Pins

CNM Necklace

Carved Trapezoidal Earring

Carved Rectangular Cufflink